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What is Pondering God? Pondering God was born out of a deep passion to tell the great stories of God and to help the listener connect these stories to their everyday life. Craig is a 30+ year veteran of full-time congregational youth and family ministry, most recently serving as a Pastor.  He has spoken to groups both large and small across the United States, as well as internationally.  


Who is Pondering God? Craig McCourt is an author and a requested professional storyteller and speaker. Craig currently serves as Pastor of Peace Lutheran Church in Arlington, MN. He is known for his humor and captivating presentations which are both inspiring and entertaining. Craig can hold the attention of audiences of all ages. Shirley McCourt is an author, trainer, and retreat leader. She received her Director of Christian Education certification from Concordia College, St. Paul, MN. She has served as year round Christian Camp Staff at Camp LuWiSoMo, served on the Board of Camp Omega, and partnered with World Servant on the leading of family mission trips. She is a author, proponent, and leader of Women's retreats.


What are we creating? An inspirational, humorous, and challenging podcast called "Pondering God Podcast" where Craig ponders out loud about faith, family, the Bible, and all that comes our way. We also create regular blog content, books, and other resources for both personal and group use.


How much do I have to give to become a Patron? That's the best part you can give any amount you wish. We have fixed monthly costs such as web and podcast hosting and design and production costs. Your gift helps us to cover these costs and work on new and exciting resources. Count me in! I'm ready to become a Patron - Click Here


Is this tax deductible? Nope. A lot of people consider Pondering God a non-profit. (Including my wife who does our family budget) This is logical since Craig has worked for various churches for more than 35 years. But Pondering God is currently just a passion project of Craig & Shirley McCourt. This of this as a giant Tip Jar.


Why is GodPonders using Patreon? We love doing this for you, but sometimes we have to make a choice: Shirley and I work outside the home to help us make the proverbial ends meet because the business is not yet generating the income we need to "keep the lights on."


Why not just start to charge for our content? We do charge for our speaking, travel, books, and other resources. Charging for our podcast or web resources goes against what we've tried to accomplish for so long: to make great content that helps people grow closer to God and to give it away for free.

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